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Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), also referred to as virtual exchange, includes opportunities for intercultural and transnational learning to students within the curriculum of a university. Through co-developed and/or co-taught modules, virtual exchange supports the development of 21st-century workforce skills. Very often COIL projects involve the co-development of a course module by lecturers from different universities and/or countries. The nature of the collaboration can take many forms. COIL projects differ in length and format, from projects lasting only a few weeks, to projects lasting throughout a whole semester and from synchronous to asynchronous. Some COIL modules and courses involve face-to-face meetings before or after the course, but many do not. Very often instead, COIL courses embrace the use of digital tools to bridge the distance that separates students from the partner universities involved in this collaborative online learning.


My workshops provide lecturers with background information about COIL projects and support through the process of designing a new COIL element/course/module.

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We are currently taking our first steps to implement international cooperative online learning (COIL) at our university.

We have been very fortunate to have received an online training from Barbara to this effect.

In the workshops Barbara set up for us, we gained a solid foundation in the basics of COIL, were able to develop together with her our own first ideas for COIL projects, and we received enormously valuable suggestions and tips. She always responded directly to our wishes and tailored her program accordingly.

We were introduced to many new tools, ideas and instruments; it was really a unique experience. Barbara also went on to guide us in their implementation and provided us with opportunities to experience them for ourselves. She generously shared her own projects and the enormous amount of pioneering experience she has gained through them. She truly inspired us and imparted upon us an idea of what COIL can be.

What makes Barbara so unique is her unbounding enthusiasm for online learning, which she has now successfully passed onto us – truly inspiring!

I guess we are now ready to take those first steps! Thank you so much.

Sabine, Beate, Gabriella

Project staff „internationalisation of teacher training"

University of Education in Weingarten/Germany

I had an excellent online coaching about virtual exchange, virtual classroom design and COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) in higher education with Barbara. It was absolutely helpful. Brilliant feedback; really helpful tips and lots of things to think about. It’s gonna be a real improvement for our COIL learning concept.

Daniela Wagner

Academic Coordinator , FHWien der WKW / Austria

I attended Barbara’s training about virtual exchange, virtual classroom design and COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) in higher education. What a great and inspiring experience! Thank you Barbara for sharing your valuable expertise and being so generous with many additional tips beyond the scope of this training 😊

Alexandra Federer

Financial Controlling & Businessplanning

Barbara is a power woman and a great speaker! She carries away her audience with excellent moderation skills. She THINKS VIRTUALLY and is willing to share her experience on COIL in a very structured way. Congrats on her Global Study Challenge – a perfect example of the COIL usage.

Aleksandra Jama

Head of International Office, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences/Austria

Barbara is a really enthusiastic and motivating person. Her keynote is about virtual exchange and her experiences in COIL (Colaborative Online International Learnin) in higher education are tremendously professional. I am thankful for her presentation on the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and I am looking forward to a good colaboration!

Viktroria Scariano

Senior Lecturer, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences/Austria

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Albert Einstein

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