Global Case Study Challenge

No simulations. No games. Just real global virtual teams! No travel needed.
All collaboration is virtual.

The Global Case Study Challenge (GCSC) is a real intercultural and virtual experience, which provides the participants with invaluable experience for your private and professional life. Professors and lecturers from 12 universities across the globe with more than 300 students are participating in this experiential learning activity throughout the winter semester 2019!

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What is the GCSC?


The Global Case Study Challenge is developed and coordinated by me in close cooperation with the FH Kärnten (FH-Prof. Dr. Eithne Knappitsch). I organize our students in global virtual teams and assign different activities and a case study for them to work on as a team during a period of 2-3 months. While working on international business challenges, not only do students gain knowledge in the different thematic areas of the case studies, but they also experience how to work with people from other cultures, from other time zones, different study programmes and all that: Up “in the cloud”! Further information can be found here: GCSC Flyer.

The GCSC is an award winning teaching projects receiving press and media attention:

02|2020 Media report Universitat Autonóma BCN. online here.
01|2020 Pro Media Foundation Slovakia. online here.
01|2020 Párameter Media Slovakia. online here.
10|2019 Innovative Teaching Award Winner of FHWien, category E-Learning
06|2019 Nomination for national award “excellence in teaching” online here.


How does the GCSC work?

The final presentations of the Case Studies take place during a virtual conference, which opens with a virtual keynote from a renowned international expert.

Following the keynote, student teams are assigned to different sub-tracks where the Case Studies are presented and discussed.

The virtual conference concludes in plenum with a brief discussion of key learnings.

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