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Exams & the Virtual Space

Language: English
Date & Time: 30.06.2020 | 14:00-14:45 CET
Location: Virtual Space

As if it was not enough that we had o switch from one day to another to the #virtualclassroom. With online teaching there comes online assessments.

Open Book Exams, what does this mean?

With online teaching there comes online assessments. And this is something totally new for many of us – we loose control of the examination situation and most of us think of the worst case scenario: students googling the right answers or working together. But if you can’t beat it, integrate it! Open Book Exams are a good solution to overcome these fears. In this online event we will discuss these questions:

  • Why should we (always) design our exams accordingly and use open book exams?
  • When do open book exams fit? (Constructive alignment!)
  • How do we prepare an open book exam as lecturers?
  • How do we prepare the students for open book exams?

Our expert:
Prof.in (FH) Mag.a Dr.in Anahid Aghamanoukjan is a professor at FernFH Distance-Learning University of Applied Sciences in Austria. She teaches online for 8 years. Her research interests are organizations studies, nonprofit management and qualitative methods. In 2010 she received the award for Excellent Teaching at the WU Wien and in 2019 she was awarded for Excellent Distance Learning at the FernFH.


Dr. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

Dr. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

Founder of #virtualspacehero


Prof.in (FH) Mag.a Dr.in Anahid Aghamanoukjan

Prof.in (FH) Mag.a Dr.in Anahid Aghamanoukjan

Researcher/Ferdinand Porsche Fern FH

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