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I had the privilege of hearing Barbara speak at the Valencia Digital Summit 2023 on Remote Work. Her insights as a fempreneur and solopreneur were not only enlightening but also practical and forward-thinking. Barbara’s expertise in digital trends and her engaging speaking style make her an invaluable asset in this field. Highly recommend for any digital and remote work initiatives.

Daniel Kulig

Startup Mentor

Over the last few years we have worked together on a number of projects. Barbara gave a series of keynote speeches on our behalf for the topic “Working successfully in a virtual global environment”. Some of the events held online were attended by over 100 listeners. The results were always the same: absolutely enthusiastic customers and listeners.

Steffen Henkel

CEO, CrossCulture Academy

I highly recommend Barbara as a remote work consultant. I met her recently and was impressed by her extensive knowledge of practical tools and theoretical frameworks to guide leaders and teams. She champions the concept of work-life harmony over balance, offering a fresh perspective that has proven invaluable in today’s dynamic work environment.

Asya Isakova

Head of People & Culture , Inca Digital

Dr. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas is an international keynote speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. With a rich blend of academic rigour and practical expertise, Barbara stands at the forefront of pioneering New Ways of Working and Digital Leadership. Her journey as a Virtual Enthusiast is underpinned by a solid foundation in research, a fiery passion for speaking, and a proven track record as an author.

Barbara is deeply committed to exploring and shaping the future of work and learning, focusing on Positive Leadership and cultivating vibrant organizational cultures. Since 2010, she has been an active figure in the global intercultural community. Her roles have spanned from being a groundbreaking researcher and seasoned professional to leading and participating in virtual teams across diverse cultural landscapes.

Every year, Dr. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas and other top experts in our network travel around the globe to address issues of Digital Transformation, New Ways of Working & Learning, global virtual teams, Virtual Learning Journeys. We set great importance on public engagement and sharing our expertise to contribute to public and corporate education. We believe that sharing insight creates more understanding and a basis for intelligent decisions in a complex world. Previous speaking engagements can be found online here! 

Barbara’s dynamic presentations will leave attendees motivated, inspired and ready for change. Barbara combines the latest research with powerful stories to build engaging keynotes and workshops. Our interactive presentations will engage audiences in person or online. Get a better feeling by scrolling through our testimonial page here!

Barbara customizes each presentation according to your audience and event goals. Barbara can also work with event coordinators to tailor timing from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on your needs.

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Barbara is a true expert in setting up and facilitating virtual and hybrid events. She truly understands the dynamics, challenges, and opportunities of the remote meeting. She is doing wonderful work in incorporating simple yet innovative approach that transforms the meetings from boring to engaging and productive.

Dr. Ben Capell

Founder and Managing Director , BECAP Management Consulting

Barbara’s session about hybrid work and collaboration for us was meaningful and helpful. She also created immediate intimacy through her engaging personality and established her credibility as an expert in this domain of hybrid collaboration and team work. We left inspired and with concrete tips and tools to try out.

Susan Salzbrenner

Group Vice President People & Organisation, bossard group

Barbara’s Keynote “Dancing into Leadership” during the Leadership Horizon by MDI was the ultimate highlight and an epiphany! The concept is absolutely outstanding and just can’t be argued about because it makes perfect sense transpiring it to the concept of effective leadership. Loved every second of it and I hope I can transport this to my management as well. I can’t thank YOU enough!

Elizabeth Höchtl

Chief of Staff to CEO , RIB Software

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