June 2022 | Leadership Horizon Conference, "Dancing into hybrid Leadership"

September 2022 | Keynote at the Helmholtz Leadership Summit "Dancing into leadership"

April 2022 | Keynote Big & Growing New Work Festival "Lost in the cloud, or not? Hybride Teamkommunikation meistern, synchron & asynchron!"

Jan 2021 | Endicom Peru VIII Encuentro de Directores de Comunicación

August 2021 | European Forum Alpbach "Die Presse" Expert Panel Future of the Workforce"

August 2021 | Keynote Online Kongress "Pioniere der Prävention 2021": Erfolgskritische Faktoren für interaktive & unvergessliche virtuelle Präsentationen

September 2021 | Keynote Forum Personal / ÖPWZ "Was New Leadership mit Malen zu tun hat"





Short video with a reflection note about our discussion during the European Forum Alpbach. I had the pleasure to be invited to participate as an expert on a panel from "Die Presse" (Austrian Newspaper) with the aim of discussing the future of the workforce.









Feb 2021 | XING Puls HR Wien | Tipps & Tricks für dein erfolgreiches virtuelles Karriere-Event" Read more

Feb 2021 | Keynote Webinar HR Inside Summit, "Lost in Connection? About the fundamental pillars of New Ways of Working" Read more

Feb 2021 | Keynote B2B Insider HR Software Day "New Ways of Working: Trust & Autonomy, Communication & Processes" Read more

Dec 2020 | Internal Talent Management Event @Axpo: Working successfully in an intercultural virtual context.

Nov 2020 | Remote Learning Conference #IMPLUSION = impact & inclusion. How to design and facilitate impactful and inclusive virtual events?" Read more

Nov 2020 | Keynote  Personal Manager Online Expo "Remote Work Cultures. The HR Perspective" Read more

Nov 2020 | Keynote Management Club "Remote Leadership" Read more

October 2020 | Keynote Unicredit Diversity & Inclusion Week "Let's talk bias" Read more

July 2020 | Keynote Creative Mornings Valencia "UNDERDOG: about inclusion in the workspace!" Read more

Nov 2019 | ScienceSlamAustria "How do we deal with errors? Error Culture in our organisations", Vienna/Austria. Read more

July 2020 | Masterclass Academy for Diversity & Innovation "IMPLUSION Impact and Inclusion in the virtual space" Read more

June 2020 | Keynote People & Leadership Conference "LOST IN CONNECTION. Virtual Teams From One Day to Another!" Read more

Oct 2019 | Keynote “Successful Together - Age Diversity as Organisational Competence. Working together and learning from each other”, Diversity & Inclusion Week Bank Austria/Unicredit, Vienna/Austria. Read more

March 2020 | Keynote Virtual VGL Forum "LOST IN CONNECTION. Virtual Teams From One Day to Another!" Read more

Jan 2020 | Keynote VGL Forum "Dance your way into leadership: What we can learn from dancing for leadership in a complex world!" Read more

Nov 2019 | Keynote “In den Sand gesetzt! Oder doch nicht! Productive Error Culture/Failure Management”, CFO Studentenfutter, Bank Austria/Unicredit, Vienna/Austria.

Jan 2020 | Keynote “Neue Arbeitswelten: Zoniertes Arbeiten”, ORF Salzburg, Salzburg/Austria.

Jan 2020 | Keynote “New Ways of Working and Learning: Different generations - different expectations? ”, Annual Meeting of Austrian Dietologists, FH Campus, Vienna/Austria.

Nov 2019 | Keynote "About digitization and and a dynamic public administration: Rethinking work together", Kick off event for the project "Arbeit Neu Denken", Brita Football Stadium Wiesbaden/Germany.

Oct 2019 | Talk “Error Culture and the Role of Leadership in our Organisations” HR Inside Summit, Vienna/Austria. Read more

Oct 2019 | Keynote “New working environments, careers and age”, Demografietagung 2019, Vienna/Austria. Read more

Oct 2019 | Keynote “New Ways of Working and about managing employee expectations and collaboration”, Annual Forum of the woodworking industry, Gitschtal/Austria.

May 2019 | Keynote "About the digital world of VUCA and a dynamic public administration: What competencies do leaders and employee need?", 7. Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung, Berlin/Germany.

Jan 2018 | Virtual Keynote “New Ways of Working in a Complex World”, 14th HR Development Conference in Teheran/Iran.



Jan 2019 | Expert commentator for the Austrian TV Channel ATV for the documentation “Generation Future”, exploring what distinguishes the young people in Austria.

Read more


Jun 2018 | Invitation as an expert commentator for the Austrian national public service broadcaster ORF/ZIB24 on the topic “Generation Y and working time flexibilisation”.

Radio & Podcast

Dec 2020 | Interview (Englisch language) with Drew Perkins, CEO from TeachThought (USA), about “Developing Virtual & Intercultural Skillsets

Read more

Sept 2020 | Interview (Englisch language) with Robin Petterd, CEO of Sproutlabs (Australia), about “What makes a virtual event memorable”

Read more

Feb 2019 | Interview (German language) with Paul Buchacher, journalist, about my research projects at the University of Valencia, Spain.

Read more

Several interviews for the Science Talks of Radio NJOY 91.3 FM

Practitioner conferences

Oct 2019 | Talk “Self-Learning Competence as an Organisational Competence for New Working Environments”, Austria’s Annual HR Developers Conference PersonalentwicklungPur “Find Them – Grow Them – Keep Them”, Langenlois/Austria.

May 2019 | Keynote „Remote workforce connected and sharing knowledge effectively“, Clustering Conference 2019: Human and Relational Resources, Valencia/Spain.

May 2019 | Intercultural Awareness Workshop for the Chamber of Commerce Austria during the “Latin America Day”, Vienna/Austria.

Nov 2017 | Talk “Yesterday´s structures, today´s concepts and tomorrows challenges – are organisations fit for new working environments”, Annual HR Conference Tagung Personal Austria, Vienna/Austria.

Oct 2016 | Talk “VIM! Virtual, Individual, Mobile: Continuing Vocational Training 3.0.” Conference PEp 2016, Vienna/Austria.

Oct 2016 | Talk “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks? About the importance of continuous learning in today´s organisations” Conference Personal Austria, Vienna/Austria.

Mar 2016 | Workshop “Revolution in the organizations: Democratically elected leaders and work when and where you want – utopia or reality?” HR Conference Future of Work, Stegersbach/Austria.

Jun 2016 | Keynote “Organisations on their way into the future: flexible or not flexible – that’s the question!” WIFI Unternehmensentwicklung Business Breakfast, Wien/Austria.

Nov 2015 | Workshop “HR Competencies – a new model” for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TANOSZT, Budapest/Hungary.

Nov 2015 | Keynote “Age Stereotypes & Life Phase Orientation in HRM during 8. NESTORGOLD Vernetzungsdialog, Ministry of Social Affairs, Vienna/Austria.

Oct 2015 | Workshop “HR Competencies for the future.” for the HRClub Brno, Brno/Czech Republic.

Sep 2015 | Talk “Life Phase Orientation”, HR Inside Summit, Vienna/Austria.

Sep 2015 | Expert Panel about „Leading and developing different generations: Challenge and Opportunity” HRCircle, Vienna/Austria.

Sep 2013 | Workshop “Diversity Management”, Annual HR Conference Netzwerk Human Ressourcen, Wels/Austria.

Aug 2013 | Talk “Demographic change and the challenges for organisations” during the Summer University of FHWien der WKW FHWien der WKW Sommerhochschule, Vienna/Austria.

Webinars & Live Virtual Sessions

 In my LinkedIn Live show I discuss topics around the virtual space: from leadership, collaboration, teams, communication, meetings, events, conferences, authenticity and trust.

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Webinar for Danube University Krems (Austria): New Ways of Working: Yesterday’s organisational structures, today’s concepts and tomorrow’s problems: Are organisations ready for new working environments?

Read more

    Human Resource Management is Life-Phase Orientation

    Read more

      Furthermore, I feel honoured to present several webinars on New Ways of Working and Internationalisation/Intercultural Management for a project conducted by the Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds and Trigon Consulting in Carinthia/Austria.

        Event / conference moderator

        In the past years I felt honoured to accompany more than thousand people as a moderator through different sized IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL events  (20-450 people) for organisations such as the OeAD (the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research), Vienna Global LeadersFHWien der WKW, IACCMIESEG Conference, SIETAR Austria, SIETAR Spain and various virtual events for SIETAR Europa.

        Academic conferences

        I regularly present at the major academic conferences, such as European Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, British Academy of Management, Irish Academy of Management, EGOS and many more. Furthermore, I am Secretary General of the IACCM, International Association of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management, based at the WU Wien/Austria.

        Happy to work with

        “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

        Albert Einstein

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