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Barbara did a great session on the basics of how to move your classroom online. She really knows her stuff 😊 Thank you Barbara for sharing your expertise and for all the tips you packed into those 90 minutes!

Catherine Prewett-Schrempf

Head of Competence Center for Business English, University of Applie Sciences for Management & Communication / AUSTRIA

El Virtual World Café ha sido un gran éxito para reconectar con nuestro equipo de diversity champions y reactivarnos debatiendo temas muy importantes de la diversidad e inclusión. El equipo de facilitadores han logrado generar un ambiente de mucha energía y cercanía. Lo super recomendamos! #somosdiversos #Reconectaconladiversidad

Pamela Pita

People & Agile Culture Transformational Manager, Telefonica / ECUADOR

Thank you for the #Diversity Summer Party, this #masterpiece of a #digitalmediadesign! An afternoon filled with #immersive #learning #newperspectives #havingfun #networking with people around the globe. 

Dagny Schreiner

Head of HR-Development, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna / AUSTRIA

The workshop “Creative Virtual Events” enabled us to combine theory and practice well. Marie-Theres Euler-Rolle and Barbara Covarrubias Venegas are an excellent and committed team and have extensively passed on their diverse experience to us. The concrete case studies with the tailor-made feedback helped us a lot. Thank you for the great workshop! 

Jana Kluiber and Marta Romeo

International Services, University of Innsbruck

I recently took some courses from the Summer Academy for Diversity and Innovation. One of the courses was led by Barbara and titled “IMPACTFUL online training: how to create an inclusive environment in the virtual space!”. As I have already knew Barbara as a specialist in the field of online training I very much wanted to take her course and learn something new and get a different perspective on working online with people. I must say I was hooked by the training from the start, the air of competence and confidence Barbara presented only confirmed I was in the right place. I added so many new tools and tricks to my toolbox, I saw old things in the new light, in the nutshell, if you are looking for a specialist for online training and variety of methods you may use during the online training – Barbara is the one you are looking for.

Alicja Kuciel

People Manager | Facilitator | Coordinator, POLAND

My best collective zoom experience so far. The conference on Positive Leadership with the Vienna Global Leaders network last week was such an energizing experience. With people attending from all over the world. Tremendous organization speakers and format. The content keeps resonating in me. Thanks again Barbara Covarrubias, keep me posted on future events like this.

Claudia Correa

Associate Coach, BeHuman / CHILE

I always enjoy being involved in anything Barbara is doing. She brings such creativity, innovation and enthusiasm to any space, real or virtual. Always willing to try new ideas and use them to serve her community of professionals. Barbara is always ready to see the possibilities in any challenge, and has the ability to inspire everyone to see their own potential and take action on working passionately towards it.

Brett Parry

Career Architect and Founder , Cultural Mentor / USA

Barbara is one of the most dynamic, warmhearted and knowledgeable Interculturalists I met since I start working in this field. She has been very helpful to our “community” by taking the initiative to enable others in virtual teaching by sharing her deep expertise. Following her advice I was able to give my first online sessions for bachelor and master students. Thank you, Barbara!!!

Katarzyna Grzesik-Harz

Intercultural Communications Trainer / SWITZERLAND

I have been a participant at few of Barbara’s webinars. Barbara is an absolutely delightful instructor. She is not only an expert in the subject matter but always well-prepared with the material and flow of the program – this helps the participants understand the topic. And there is something for everyone – beginners and advanced learners. Even though there were more than a 100 of us in one of the webinars, she managed to keep us all engaged at the edge of our seats for more than 2 hours! That is an incredible feat for an online webinar. She is generous with her time and knowledge. Her webinars are now part of my self-directed learning curriculum and I wouldn’t miss any of them. 

Kalaivani Mattern

Intercultural Communication Trainer & Coach / GERMANY

I first met Barbara a year and a half ago at an event where she was one of the keynote speakers. Some people leave an impression and so I followed her further development on Linkedin. This week I accepted her invitation to a Virtual Teaching & Moderating Seminar and was again enthusiastic. Barbara always teaches very efficiently and very practically. She presented in a short time, what is really important in Virtual Teaching & Moderating. She shared her experiences and tips. What I would have had to spend days in training elsewhere, I have learned from her in one and a half hours and immediately implementable. Thank you very much! An incredibly valuable experience. Keep up the good work and please continue like this! 

Martina Kitzer

HR Business Partner HQ & HR, Daikin Central Europe / AUSTRIA

I got very lucky when I had the possibility to take part in the first IACCM Global Virtual Conference in June 2020 and personally get to know Barbara. Her enthusiastic engagement in the virtual seminar, her ability to keep the public’s attention alive through conveying a lot of positive vibes, as well as her contribution as fantastic organizer and facilitator were all of a great insipiration to me. Thank you Barbara!

Sara Micacchioni

Intercultural Learning Specialist / ITALY

I attended this amazing event Vienna Global Leaders VGL Forum on Positive Leadership! Why amazing? first the content, excellent topic, very good experts and also, practical experiences and their implementation in organizations, which makes it very reliable. Another fantastic aspect. is the workshop model, extremely interactive and participative, with the possibility of reflecting and sharing with the rest of the participants, but also in an energizing and convivial atmosphere. After so many webinars and online workshop, this one more than tired me, it energized me, Thank you Barbara Covarrubias Venegas for this fantastic event!

Verónica De la Fuente

Connector and Catalyst for Intercultural Relations / CHILE-FRANCE

Professional, self-confident, enjoyable (online) educator. I was very impressed with how Barbara managed to facilitate a hands-on session with over 170 participants.

Christina Merl

Social Learning Strategist, TalkShop/2CG / AUSTRIA

I highly value Barbara’s work, her future oriented approach and dynamism. She is a great communicator, highly skilled and 100% reliable. I appreciate her community spirit, her willingness to share (thumbs up for the #virtualspacehero series), her commitment in the cross-cultural organisations and beyond. Working with Barbara is very inspiring and refreshing. You rock!

Eva-Maria Hartwich

Intercultural Consultant / FRANCE

I participated in an event on Diversity & Inclusion organized by Virtual Space Hero and Intercultures, billed as a “learning party”, and was really happy to find that being playful was a central part of the event and learning more about D&I. Thanks, Barbara, for generously sharing your refreshingly joyous point of view and wealth of knowledge.

Brian David George

Intercultural Consultant / SPAIN

Asistí a un webinar de Bárbara sobre “Virtual Teaching and Moderating” y me encantó su forma de transmitir y presentar el contenido. Fue clara, precisa y amena, dejándonos muchos conceptos interesantes para adaptar a nuestro día a día en la formación online. Estando dentro del mismo mundo profesional, puedo decir su trabajo fue impecable, y además con el reto de hacerlo para más de 170 personas conectadas desde varios rincones del planeta. ¡Gracias! I attended a webinar about “Virtual Teaching and Moderating” run by Barbara and I loved her way of speaking and presenting the contents. She was clear, precise and pleasant, giving us many interesting concepts to adapt to our daily work in e-learning. Working in the same professional environment, I can tell her work was impeccable, even with the challenge of teaching online for more than 170 people connected from all over the world. Thanks!

Berta San Martín Moreno

Facilitator and Trainer, everis / SPAIN

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