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For organisations: Transform Your Workplace with Tailored Strategies

Embrace the future of work with our comprehensive suite of services designed to revolutionize your organization. From designing and implementing innovative learning and working methodologies to seamlessly transitioning to new environments and enhancing digital collaboration, we provide end-to-end solutions. Our expertise in organizing both small-scale and large-scale virtual events ensures your organization stays ahead, connected, and dynamic in today’s ever-changing landscape. Check out a range of services we offer:


  • Designing and implementing new ways of learning
  • Designing and implementing new ways of working
  • Changing to a new working environment
  • Implementing remote working in an organisation
  • Developing digital collaboration and communication strategies
  • Organising virtual events for small groups (e.g. team meetings)
  • Organising large scale virtual events

For managers/leaders: Elevate Your Leadership in a Remote-First World

Step into the future of leadership with our dedicated programs for managers and leaders. Our digital leadership training is designed to help you lead remote and hybrid teams effectively, fostering a culture of productivity, innovation, and engagement. Enhance your leadership skills with individual coaching sessions focused on strategy, communication, and adaptability in a digital landscape. Equip yourself with the tools and insights needed to drive success and transformation in your team and organization. Check out the services we offer:


  • Remote Leadership Training: Master leading distributed teams with effective digital communication and strategy.
  • Individual Leadership Coaching: Tailor your leadership style for maximum impact in a remote-first world.
  • Remote and Hybrid Team Dynamics: Build cohesive, high-performing remote or hybrid teams.
  • Self-Organization Mastery: Enhance personal productivity and motivation in remote settings.
  • Virtual Presentation Skills: Deliver impactful and engaging virtual presentations.
  • Efficient Virtual and Hybrid Meetings: Organize and lead successful virutal and hybrid meetings.
  • Navigating Digital Transformation: Guide your team confidently through digital shifts and changes.

For individuals: Empower Your Remote Work and Virtual Engagement

Navigate the challenges and reap the benefits of remote work with our personalized coaching and training services. Whether you’re leading or part of a remote team, enhance your digital leadership skills and master self-organization and motivation techniques. Our virtual training and coaching are tailored for educators and professionals looking to excel in online teaching or improve their virtual performance. Plus, learn the art of organizing effective and engaging virtual events for various group sizes. Check out a range of services we offer:


  • Leading a (partly) remote team: Digital leadership training
  • Enhancing your digital leadership skills through individual coaching
  • Working in a (partly) remote team
  • Self-organisation and self-motivation when working remotely
  • Teaching & Training in a virtual context: virtual training & coaching for those who go online for the first time or who want to improve their virtual performance
  • Organising virtual events for small groups (e.g. team meetings)
  • Organising large scale virtual events

For universities: Advance Your Academic Mission with Digital Prowess

Elevate your institution with our specialized services tailored for the academic sector. We offer strategies for Cooperative Online International Learning, creating immersive virtual learning journeys, and developing robust blended learning courses. Our training programs are designed to empower lecturers and staff for the digital era, ensuring they are well-equipped for international exposure and student exchange programs. With our expertise, organize impactful virtual conferences that resonate with academic excellence and collaborative spirit. Check out a range of services we offer:


  • Designing Cooperative Online International Learning strategies
  • Designing virtual learning journeys
  • Designing blended learning courses
  • Training lecturers to go virtual
  • Preparing staff for international exposure
  • Preparing students for going abroad
  • Organising virtual conferences

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