Global Case Study Challenge

No simulations. No games. Just real global virtual teams! No travel needed.
All collaboration is virtual.

The Global Case Study Challenge (#GCSC) is a real intercultural and virtual experience, which provides the participants with invaluable experience for their private and professional lives. Professors and lecturers from 22 universities across the globe with more than 600 students are participating in this experiential learning activity in 2020!

Our #GCSC is a great example of a large scale COIL project with more than 600 students.

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), also referred to as virtual exchange, includes opportunities for intercultural and transnational learning to students within the curriculum of a university.

Through co-developed and/or co-taught modules, virtual exchange supports the development of 21st-century workforce skills. 

Some COIL modules and courses involve face-to-face meetings before or after the course, but many do not. Very often instead, COIL courses embrace the use of digital tools to bridge the distance that separates students from the partner universities involved in this collaborative online learning. Our GCSC is a 100% virtual COIL project.

Our GCSC is an award winning COIL project
receiving press and media attention:

Short-list for national award ARS Docendi “excellence in teaching”, category Digital Transformation of Teaching

10|2020 (see more)

Innovative Teaching Award Winner of FHWien, category E-Learning
10|2019 (see more)

Nomination for national award ARS Docendi “excellence in teaching” online
06|2019 (see more)


“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Albert Einstein

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