IMPLUSION: IMPACT and INCLUSION in the virtual space

Professional Development Course
Impactful and inclusive virtual learning”

While we are still concernced with messing up with new technology or appearing insecure when presenting in an unfamiliar digital arena, we often forget about the impact of our message. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Universities and organisations continue to transition learning and event operations to the virtual space, but often we do not consider inclusion as an element to be considered in our virtual activities. But, as I like to say this is of utmost importance, because… 

“Without inclusion no real impact in the virtual (team/event/learning) space” (BarbaraCV)

In this professional development course we explore elements of your digital body presence and how it influences the impact of your virtual activities. Together we will discuss what elements create an IMPACTFUL and memorable virtual learning space. Furthermore, there are elements of inclusion that need to be considered to create a great experience for ALL your learners – BEFORE-DURING-AFTER your learning activity. The same applies to your virtual teams and virtual meetings!

Your key takeaways:

💡 More impact, interaction and confidence in live online settings #beyondthepowerpointmarathon
Techniques of inclusive, virtual design & facilitation
Your own creative toolbox on how designing and facilitating virtual learning journeys creating an inclusive space for your learners

We will focus on simple tips to ensure the learning interventions you design and deliver take into account diversity and encourage inclusion as a mindset.

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“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Albert Einstein

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